WELCOME TO Ezaa Eduplatform

EZAA EduPlatform will transform your tutoring business by not only giving you access to a world class digital classroom but also digitising all other aspects required within your teaching business.

No matter the size of your tutoring enterprise and whether you tutor 1 student or over 20, the EduPlatform will revolutionise your business and give you access to tools and systems only major established tutoring companies would have…..but at practical affordable rates.

The advanced state of the art classroom will make you the envy of all other tutors and make certain that students are taught in the most optimal way possible with the latest digital functions and features within that classroom.

  • Increase productivity of your business by scheduling classes back to back online
  • Have access to a world class digital classroom with umatched advanced features like whiteboard, chat messaging tool and interactive document sharing/completion
  • Record your lessons so you or your students can playback in their own time
  • Create and use real-time quizzes during your lessons
  • Diary system allowing to plan, schedule and notify your online classes to all your students
  • Interact with your students by uploading documents and exercises to be completed
  • Mark and assess your students work and deliver feedback digitally
  • Create performance reports and analysis on your students performance